10 Reasons Why You Should Play At A 5 Star Casino

1- The Other Gamblers

Even if you stick with the slot machines, you’re bound to interact with other gamblers at the casino on some level. The caliber of the people you deal with at a 5-star casino is different. I’m not being a snob or an elitist when I point this out, either.

Let me explain:

The only people who stay at a 5-star 카지노사이트 casino are people who can afford to. I don’t know what kind of business you’re in, but I know that all business people benefit from being able to network. And being able to network with people who make a lot more money is more profitable than networking with people who have no money.

Also, people with more money are often (not always, but often) better-behaved than people who gamble at lower-end casinos. I don’t know about you, but I don’t enjoy dealing with a sad sack drunk sitting next to me and knocking over my chips at the blackjack table.

2- The Fitness Facilities

I’m a recent convert to healthy living. I spent decades neglecting and abusing my body by drinking copious amounts of alcohol, eating massive amounts of sugar and fat, and lying around on the couch.

Now, on the other hand, I try to exercise for at least an hour a day, even when I’m traveling. You can find lower-end casinos which offer fitness facilities of a sort, but these sometimes consist of nothing more than a single treadmill in a room with a television. Sad.

The fitness facilities at 5-star casinos are normally top of the line, with any and all the equipment you’d find at your local gym.

The benefits of regular exercise are well-documented elsewhere, but let me just point out the one that’s of most interest to gamblers:

If you exercise regularly, you get more oxygen to your brain and think more clearly. This has obvious benefits in games where skill is a factor—games like blackjack, poker, and video poker.

3- The Food

Restaurants in 4- and 5-star casinos offer more and healthier choices than the restaurants in budget properties. If you know what to order, you can eat healthy in any kind of restaurant, even a Waffle House or a Denny’s. It’s tougher at the really low-budget places where you’re only choice is Burger King, though.

But the variety of healthy options at an upscale casino hotel is far better.

Budget properties don’t offer room service, either. Even first-class accommodations which offer room service have more limited choices and hours than luxury properties. (Many 4- and 5-star casinos and hotels offer room service 24 hours a day.)

4- The Comps Are Better

All casinos have players’ clubs. These are loyalty programs where you get points based on the amount of action you bring to the casino. You can then trade these points in for “free” stuff from the casino. (I put “free” in quotes because the comps aren’t really free. If you gamble enough over a long enough time, you’ll eventually lose more money gambling than you’ll get back in comps—which, for the casino, is the entire point.)

It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out that the better the casino is, the better the comps will be. Casino comps consist mainly of the following:

  • Room
  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Entertainment

Obviously the accommodations (the rooms) at a 5-star casino are going to be better than the accommodations at a 2-star property.

5- High End Hotels and Casinos Will Do Your Laundry for You

I hate doing laundry. You might enjoy it, but I can’t think of anything more boring.

The nice thing about 4- and 5-star hotels is that they have laundry service. They’ll pick up your dirty clothes and wash them for you. They’ll return these clothes clean, dry, folder, and/or on hangers.

Most budget casinos 온라인카지노 don’t even have a Laundromat on site for you to do your own laundry. You’d have to gather your dirty clothes and drive to one. Who needs that kind of hassle?

You might be thinking that you’d never need such a service. Maybe you only visit a casino for a few days at a time. You pack all the clothes you need at the time, and you take them home dirty with you.

6- Individual Attention

I like to do business with and deal with people that I already know and who know me. I just prefer to be called by my name by the people who I’m spending money with. I like being able to call them by name, too.

The employees working at higher-end casinos tend to have a lower turnover rate than the employees at lower-end casinos. They are also more likely to provide you with conversation and pay attention to you as a person.

Some lower-end casinos don’t even have casino hosts, but if you do any considerable amount of action at a higher-end casino, you’ll be assigned a casino host. This is an employee whose sole job is to make sure you’re enjoying your stay at the casino.

This kind of VIP treatment comes with a cost. It might not be immediately apparent, because you’ll win some of the time.

7- Privacy and Secrecy

I’m not sure how many celebrities read my gambling blog. I hope that there are at least a few.

One of the differences between 4-star and 5-star casinos is the level of privacy and secrecy you get. You might or might not get the kind of privacy and secrecy that you want from a 4-star casino.

But 5-star casinos specialize in keeping your private life private. Most of the employees at ultra-luxury casinos are required to sign an NDA just to work there.

This might not matter to the average person, but for the Ben Afflecks in the world, privacy can matter a lot. I’m not sure if the Hard Rock had employees who leaked his identity as a card counter who’d been banned from the casino or not, but I’m convinced that if he’d gone to a higher end property, that wouldn’t have gotten out unless he wanted it to.

8- The Finest Luxury Casinos Might as Well Be a Secret from the Public

Not everyone knows this, but many high-end casinos have tiny, exclusive hotels and casinos within them that the general public is unaware of. One example is The Mansion, which is a boutique hotel located in the larger MGM Grand. In fact, The Mansion might be the finest hotel and casino in Las Vegas.

Casinos in Las Vegas which have smaller, more luxurious hotels hidden within them include:

  • Bellagio
  • Caesars
  • MGM Grand
  • Mirage
  • Monte Carlo

And one of the biggest perks to these hotels?

They have their own area where you can check in. If you hate waiting in line to check in, which is a headache at most larger Strip casinos, the answer is simple enough. Stay at one of these secret 4-star and 5-star casinos within casinos.

9- Aesthetics

The aesthetics of where you stay and where you gamble might not matter to you, but if it does, you’ll be hard-pressed to find more beauty than you’ll find in top-level luxury casino. The owners and managers of these properties understand that aesthetics are important to their clientele, so they spare no expense on designers and interior decorators.

Not only are the rooms at such properties more pleasing to the eye, but the lobby and public areas are also designed to impress the aesthetically minded. You can expect to find fine art on display in the public areas and sometimes also in the rooms at such properties.

10- You Only Live Once

You really do only get a single life to live. Why not enjoy it?

I understand that not all my readers can afford to gamble at a 5-star casino every time they take a trip.

But sometimes I know people sell themselves short and don’t live their life to the fullest.

One of the best books 바카라사이트 I ever read in the self-help, personal development area was called Die Broke. One of the most important premises in this book is that you shouldn’t leave your children much of an inheritance if you can help it.

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